Choosing Car Stereo Amplifier

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Choosing Car Stereo Amplifier Empty Choosing Car Stereo Amplifier

Post  Calibra-Keith on Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:15 pm

When shopping for an amplifier consider;

RMS power
: RMS power measures the amount of continuous power a car amplifier uses to drive your speakers. Make sure the RMS power on your amplifier matches the RMS power rating on your speakers and subwoofers to prevent car speaker damage.

Peak power
: Peak power indicates how much wattage a car amplifier has available for short and sudden increases in sound. The number will always be higher than RMS.

There are three types of amplifiers:

Mono car amplifiers
:power a single speaker.

Two-channel car amplifiers
: powers two speakers and a subwoofer.

Four-channel car amplifiers
: powers four speakers and two subwoofers; two speakers and a single subwoofer; or any configuration in between.

Look for these features:

Good bass: Make sure your car amplifier has a low pass filter that only sends low-frequency notes to your subwoofer. It will keep your subwoofer from trying to reproduce high notes.

Improve high-frequency audio
:Car amplifiers with built-in high pass filter prevent your tweeters from trying to reproduce low-frequency sounds.

Look for speaker-level inputs
: Most car stereos installed at the factory have a basic built-in amplifier. Look for a car amplifier with speaker level inputs that can process these already-amplified signals.

Provide extra amplification
:You can connect one car amplifier to another to drive different speakers. If you want a multi-amplifier system, make sure your primary amplifier comes with a preamp output so that you can send a signal to your secondary amp.

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