War Of The Roses-Battle 1 - Manchester

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War Of The Roses-Battle 1 - Manchester Empty War Of The Roses-Battle 1 - Manchester

Post  liquidcars on Wed Sep 10, 2008 11:46 pm

War Of The Roses-Battle 1 - Manchester Sept-Front

The new liquidcars show is planned for the 21st september 2008.

It will be an evening event starting at 6pm and finishing at 10pmish. Entrance will be 3 quid but we will shortly put money off vouchers on our website (www.liquidcars.co.uk)

We have been challenged by Unique Show Cars in Yorkshire to see which side of the Pennines have the best cars. I am sure that we can count on your support in showing them how we do it in this side of the Pennines.

This is a serious event and looks like quite a lot of support is gathering on over there and have at least 110 cars coming that i know about. Not Really that much of a problem as we have over 200.

we will be having lots of fun and games such as best fancy dress, car of the show, babe of the show etc

Also we are having and MC competition and the winner gets a slot at a wicked night hosted by 247partypeople.co.uk and MC alongside the likes of DJ wiggy, DJ Welly, DJ Fash and MC's such as Neeko and EM: DMC

i am sure afterwards there will be all kinds of mayhem on the surrounding roads but liquidcars accepts no responsibilty and does not condone street racing

this will be a lively evening event unlike anything we have done before.

and as usual www.examplefm.net will be playing a live set that will be broadcast on the liquidcars website so if you cant make it make sure your listening to all the mayhem.

for those of you who have been before there will be a few changes.

there will be no club stand parking and everything will be moving back round the front like it was at the first ever show.

As usual Mega-watt.co.uk will be hosting a sound off competition with 3 seperate classes of 1 sub, 2 sub and more than 2 subs

we have also passed the booking of traders over to the guy that owns the venue as we do not have the time to concentrate on booking traders. If any one has ever been to the computer fair at bowlers, you will know that there is always lots of traders there.
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